The Rolflex TONIC® System

Evolutis introduces the Rolflex TONIC TKA system, a comprehensive range of devices for total knee arthroplasty procedures:

  • Ultra-congruent (Deep Dish) with rotating tibial liners
  • Postero-stabilized with cam and peg and with rotating or fixed tibial liners
  • Asymetric tibial baseplates
  • Inlay patellar buttons
  • Femurs and condyles designed for cemented fixation or with a porous titanium coating for cementless fixation
  • 10 femoral sizes with progressive AP/ML ratio from “female” (smaller sizes) to “male”  ratio (larger sizes)
  • 9 tibial sizes for fixed or rotating bearing

And as for the Anatomic Rolflex, the polyethylene material used for the bearings is the PEXEL: moderately crosslinked which delivers significant wear resistance without reducing the mechanical caracteristics of the material.


Choice of a “mechanic” conventional instrumentation set,
or of “custom made” disposable tibial and femoral cutting guides.

Conventional instrumentation:

  • 4 main trays including 1 specific to the PS preparation (3 trays for the UC version)
  • 4 half-trays for trials of each version/side
  • 1 half-tray for the patellar preparation
  • Choice to begin the cuts with the tibial side (standard instrumentation) or with the femoral side (optional instruments supplied on request)
  • Choice of independant femoral cuts or of femoral cuts linked to thee tibial cut
  • Management of the ligamentary spaces at any and each step of the tibial and femoral cuts
  • Choice of anterior referencing, posterior referencing or intermediate referencing for the femoral cuts
  • Management of the flemoral flexum from 0 to 5°


Custom made cutting guides:

  • “Wind scale” pre-operative planning software and “Wind force” cutting guides
  • “Wind scale” software loaded on a resident provided to the individual surgeon
  • Automatic extrapolation of a DIRCOM scanner file for direct analysis by the surgeon
  • The surgeon makes decision on the reference plans, on the implant sizes and on thicknesses, on the positionings, on the rotations and on the laxities before transmission of his(her) conclusions to the processing center: the surgeon plans and decides by himself and without the intervention of an external technician
  • ” Wind forces ” disposable cutting guides made in “additive” technology in PA 12 material
  • Bone models of the patient’s epiphysis available in option
  • Cutting guides deliverd non-sterile. Will need to be sterilized in vacuum autoclave with the rest of the instrumentation

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