Stemsys® MI

Short femoral implant for less invasive THA

The design of the STEMSYS femoral implant is based on the geometry of the conventional STEMSYS.

The length of each size has been reduced by about 25% and the volume at the supero-lateral angle was milled down to facilitate the preparation and the implantation of the stem beneath the greater trochanter.

The STEMSYS MI implant is indicated in cementless arthroplasties of the hip when associated with a minimally invasive surgical -anterior or posterior- approach.

The STEMSYS MI implant is available in 10 sizes and 2 femoral neck versions -standard and lateralized-. The secondary fixation is favoured by the twin layer coating of porous titanium and calcium hydroxyapatite.

The implantation of the STEMSYS MI requires the instrumentation to be adapted to the surgical approach. Instrumentations are available for DAA (anterior approach): H58 9103, for antero-lateral approach: H58 9105, and for posterior approach: H58 9106.

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