Rolflex® Anatomic


Femoral and tibial components of the Anatomic ROLFLEX TKA have an asymetric design: the center of rotation is positioned in médial 1/3 of the plateau.

During the internal rotation move in flexion, the internal condyle moves little because of its vicinity to the center of rotation of the plateau. At the same time, the external condyle rolls back in a much more important way to mimic the physiologic knee mechanism, and favoring in it the patellar tracking.

The available tibial inserts, available in 4 thicknesses are made of polyethylene PEXEL moderately crosslinked and vacuum-packed.

And as for the Anatomic Rolflex, the polyethylene material used for the bearings is the PEXEL: moderately crosslinked which delivers significant wear resistance without reducing the mechanical caracteristics of the material.


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