Cementless acetabular cup for total hip arthroplasty.

The Captiv FREELINER  acetabular cup for Total Hip Arthroplasty is designed for cementless fixation to the bone, and enable 3 choices of friction bearing :

  • moderately crosslinked PEXEL polyethylene against a metal or a ceramic head,
  • highly-crosslinked polyethylene with vitamin-E (PEXEL-E) against a metal or a ceramic head,
  • ceramic composite against a ceramic composite head.

The Captiv FREELINER cup has been designed to ensure maximum safety during implantation and security for the patient when used with either polyethylene or ceramic liners. The cup is uncompromisingly adapted to the different characteristics of these 2 bearings :

  •  the inner surface of the taper is smooth and free of asperities to facilitate and secure the insertion of the ceramic insert,
  •  the stability of the polyethylene insert is secured by 10 anti-rotational spurs and a locking ring situated on the equator.


Friction couples :

  •  Composite ceramic Ø32, 36 or 40
  •  Conventionnal “PEXEL” UHMWPE Ø28
  •  Highly Crosslinked “PEXEL-E” UHMWPE with vit-E(*) Ø32 or 36


Optimization of the diameters of the femoral heads :

  • Ø32 friction couple as soon as the Ø46 cup
  • Ø36 friction couple as soon as the Ø50 cup
  • Ø40 friction couple as soon as the Ø54 cup


Insertion and fixation of the ceramic insert fully secured:

  • Assembly and impaction of the insert in the cup made “on the instrument table” in a cly and dry environment
  • Choice of straight or curved impaction shaft
  • Conical seating of the ceramic insert in the cup without any asperity in order to limit any weakening of the ceramic integrity
  • Circumpherential edge preventing the the stem neck to impinge on the ceramic liner
  • Trials and implants matched with a clour code to ease and secure the intra-operative steps


Diameters and UHMWPE materials adapted to the indication :

  •  Conventional “PEXEL” 28mm UHMWPE liners including a posterior wall for the indications of total hip arthroplasty at the elderly
  • Highly crosslinked E-vitamin “PEXEL-E” 32 and 36 UHMWPE liners(*) for the indications of total hip arthroplasty for the young and active patient

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