The design rationale of the STEMSYS implant is based on the self-blocking concept. The cementless versions are made of titanium alloy and coated with either single hydroxyapatite layer or dual coating of porous titanium and hydroxyapatite. The cemented versions are made of high nitrogen content stainless steel and are fully polished.

The cementless self-blocking concept has been validated by over 25 years of clinical use. The main characteristics are an immediate primary stability and a long term biological secondary fixation.

STEMSYS is designed and manufactured in France, and includes the complete EVOLUTIS know-how in the industrial fileds of conception and manufacture of cementless femoral implants: more than 30.000 stems implanted since 2001 in France, Europe and in the world, with outstanding clinical results.


  • micro-grooved 12/14 taper
  • cylindrical fully polished and reduced diameter neck
  • NSA (neck-shaft angle) available in standard (135°) and “lengthened” lateralised (128°) versions
  • single neck length (except sizes 7 to 9: -3.5mm)
  • choice of collared and collarless versions
  • unique metaphyseal macrostructure oriented along the dynamic load axis
  • choice of 4 surface finish (with and without cement)
  • choice of 2 stem lengths in primary cementless stems: normal or -15mm (on average)
  • revision cementless stems available either with distal slots or distal tranverse locking
  • long and extra-long option (up to 320mm) in distal tranverse locking revision

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