EvoCem® Bone Cement


Acrylic bone cement are indicated for immediate and long term fixation of metal and polyethylene orthopaedic implants destined for use with cement.

Radiopaque and self curing cement available in both standard (EvoCem 1) and low viscosity (EvoCem 3) either with or without gentamycin antibiotic. Antibiotic cement is suitable for the treatment of revision arthroplasties, for septic replacements and for patients with infectious risks.

Choice of viscosity depending on the cement application mode and site of implantation:

– standard viscosity: digital application on superficial surfaces of the bone

– low viscosity: syringe application in deep bone cavities or diaphyseal bones in association with a cement restrictor.

Specific formulation :

• flash release within the first hours of implantation (0.8mg as early as 18h after implantation)

• continuous efficient diffusion on a long term basis

• each individual 40g dose contains the equivalent of 1 g of gentamycin base (gentamycin sulphate) and results in a local concentration exceeding the MIC (minimal inhibitory concentration)


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