The EMERGENCE cemented cup respects the fundamental of the LFA (low friction arthroplasty) described by Sir John Charnley in 1962:

  • ultra high molecular weight polyethylene arthroplasty
  • reduced bearing diameter of 22.2mm or 28mm
  • wide articulating chamfer in the lower quadrant of the cup favoring the ROM
  • deep concentric grooves for a long-term fixation to the bone cement
  • polar cylindrical contact allowing to preserve an even cement mantle around the cup
  • peripherical flange of diameter larger than the dome
  • peripheral crenels allowing the pressurization of the cement
  • circomferential radiloucent wire
  • holding and implantation instrument indexed to the cup

EVOLUTIS has brought 2 modifications to the original concept :

  • a version of the articular plan of 15 ° with regard to the equatorial plane of the cup
  • a PEXEL grade polyethylene (moderately crosslinked) which allows for a reduction of 50 % of the wear with compared with a conventional polyethylene


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