Head-Op the surgery assistant for HoloLens 2

EVOLUTIS has been developing HoloLens surgical applications for almost 4 years. EVOLUTIS as an active partner of the 24HSS, provided the HoloLens equipped with its Head-Op surgical assistance app to the surgeons participating in the 24HSS, and provided them with assistance and training in the use of HoloLens and the Head-Op application.

Head-Op contains 3D file download applications and facilitates their virtual manipulation, and a 3D and step-by-step visualization application of the surgical techniques of orthopedic implants manufactured by Evolutis: UNIC shoulder, Rolflex TONIC knee, STEMSYS hip and Captiv FREELINER…These are the same surgical techniques as those provided on paper, but accessible in 3D hologram shapes.

We advise you to contact us to plan a training course -of course remotely- with Remote Assist, and to install Head-Op on your HoloLens 2.

EVOLUTIS and Head-Op active partner of the 24HHS

Would you like to schedule training or install Head-Op on your HoloLens headset?


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