Capitole® R

Originally created in the mid 70’s by Professor Gilles BOUSQUET in St Etienne (France), the dual articulation acetabular socket rationale has kept improving since then, and offers nowadays a comprehensive solution to intra-prosthetic dislocation.

Indicated for primary arthritis patients above 70 years old, for femoral neck fractures whenever the patient is valid and active, for any patient presenting an important hip joint laxity, for patients with irrational behaviour, and for most hip revision cases, the dual mobility concept combines a high level of protection against dislocation and a controled and well documented polyethylene wear rate.


The intra-prothétique dislocation is a 12 fold occurence in revision arthroplasties compared to primary indications.

Because of it, if in primary cases the use of polyethylene based friction couples can be discussed according to the patient, in hip arthroplasty revision cases the double mobility imposes a new standard.


Besides the CAPITOLE T cup (tripode) suitable for easy acetabular revisions, the Evolutis range of dual mobility cups includes 1 severe revision cementless cup designed for a strong peripherical fixation through divisible and screwable plates in the acetabular roof:

– The CAPITOLE R cup is indicated in the massive protrusions of the acetabulum. Its obturating hook allows to restore the center of rotation of the acetabulum. Its 3 divisible proximal plates allow to stabilize grafts and to determine the version of the cup. 2 conformables plates directed at 5 o’clock and 7 o’clock allow to stabilize grafts and to block the cup in the correct anteversion plan.

CAPITOLE R are for use without cement. The coating in porous titanium is completed by a 100µm hydroxyapatite layer.


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