The PRIUS system (Proximal Reconstruction In Ultimate Situations) is adapted to the reconstruction and the osteosynthesis of the proximal femur in cases of important losses of bone stock, and cases of invasive ablation of the material to be revised.

Indicated for per-trochanteric fractures, revisions of SOFCOT stages 2 and 3, and for revisions associated with a trans-femoral approach, the PRIUS system is modular. The system articulates around a proximal component available in 4 lengthes and an intra-medullary component available in right or curved  versions, and in several lengthes and diameters.

The femoral implant can be completed by a hook-plate meant to re-attach a trochanteric fragment, or to provide synthesis for a trans-femoral flap. The hook is planned to be directly secured to the proximal component.

The hook-plate can also be used alone for indications of pseudarthrosis of the greater trochanter or osteosynthesis of a sub-implant femoral fracture.


  • 4 proximal components with same proximal volume, available in lengthes 65, 75, 85 or 95mm
  • proximal components coated with double layer of porous titanium and hydroxyapatite
  • intra-medullar components made of gritblasted only titanium alloy
  • 6 diameters of intra-medullar components, from 10 to 20mm by increment of 2mm
  • straight intra-medullar components available in 3 lengthes: 115, 145 and 175mm
  • finned intra-medullar components meant for stabilization in rotation and in subsidence
  • curved intra-medullar components available in length 205mm only
  • curved intra-medullar components with distal tranverse locking-pin option
  • trochanteric hook-plates available  in 5 lengthes: from 100 to 280mm

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