Evolutis unveils its new trapezio-metacarpal prosthesis: HORUS® TMC. Official launch at GEM 2021.

Evolutis unveils its new trapezio-metacarpal cementless prosthesis with modular neck: HORUS® TMC.

The official launch will take place during the GEM Congress on Friday, December 17, 2021.
For the occasion, our teams invite you to a lunch conference on the theme “Rhizarthrosis & indissociable prosthesis” led by Prs Laurent Obert and Thomas Grégory as well as Drs Pierre Mouton, Gauthier Menu, Ludovic Bincaz and Anaïs De Bie.

You want to participate?
Contact: henin@evolutis42.com / +33 (0) 6 49 60 63 91
Download the program below

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